Hugo by Yeu and Dave Russo for Pride 2017 Orgulho LGBT

21 – “Pride”, by photographer Yeu and poet Dave Russo

Without a doubt, the greatest joy I have found in making 100 NUDE Shoots is in the amazing collaborations the project has given me the opportunity to make. It is LGBT Pride month, and no better time to present to you this transamerican collaboration, a nude manifesto and visual poem that is a photo series of me by photographer Yeu Sánchez, from Costa Rica, and interpreted and adorned with a 3-part poem by poet Dave Russo from the United States. It speaks of the freedom to be, to show oneself, naked, unharassed, unhindered, unspoiled, uncensored, unharnessed, unleashed. A statement and a stance against oppression, abuse, ignorance and control.

Dave Russo is a retired attorney enjoying a second career in the creative world. His personal philosophy about the non-finite nature of love and beauty of polyamorous relationships is deeply entrenched in his poetic work. He is a political activist, mentor and patron of the arts. Yeu Sánchez is a fashion photographer from Costa Rica who loves beautiful faces and human shapes. Having been extensively covering the brazilian fashion scene for the past few years, Yeu developed a special interest in male nude photography.

But enough talk. Here is “Pride”, a 3-part nude manifesto and visual poem by Dave Russo, Hugo and Yeu.



Hugo by Yeu and Dave Russo for Pride 2017

Why must I struggle for dignity

flanked by insults and peril.

The barriers along my path,

are erected by affected piety,

reflective of individuals

long-poisoned by pulpit,

quaint delusions of propriety.

Hugo by Yeu and Dave Russo for Pride 2017

You foster public condemnation,

with weapons of black ink to obscure,

scissors to censor,

urgency to protect the unharmed

and redeem the sinless.

The blind and timid

shake their heads,

clatter in frenzied indignation.

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Cotidiano Insólito Sketches

Artwork / Performance : Cotidiano Insólito by Fabio Lopes

Along my path producing 100 NUDE Shoots, I have approached or been approached by visual artists whose work relates to the various subjects of my own work with the project, and I’ve been glad to be able to collaborate with them. Although the fruitful results of these collaborations are not photoshoots per se (and are not counting towards the 100 shoots objective), I am going to start publishing them here for the sake of furthering this relevant artistic production about nudity on varied kinds of media and forms of art. Starting this series, here’s the record of my collaboration with artist Fabio Lopes‘ Cotidiano Insólito performance.Cotidiano Insólito 1

Cotidiano Insólito is a performance in which I am willing to go anywhere proposed by the participant, who will pose for me at that place keeping in mind what would be unusual for him or her in their daily lives. The drawings are made by hand during the performance and post-production is made later on the computer. The only records are the drawings and a photo of the space where the performance took place. The finished drawings are not only records but also one of the consequences of this performance.” — Fabio Lopes

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